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  Singer | Songwriter | Recording Artist | Producer

After years of putting his future in the hands of others, Gary Edward Jones decided to take control of his own destiny. He set out to find the most talented musicians he could and a chance meeting with Skeet Williams revealed an instant musical synergy. Together, with Gary’s good friend and sound engineer, Gareth Dubbeling, they recorded a pre-production album in Gary’s back room. They joined forces with Oscar South and Daniel J. Logan and the backbone of the album and live performance was formed.


Gary’s talent as a producer lies in encouraging creativity and sensitivity from his band members, and providing the necessary structure to allow moments for each musician to really shine. They recorded at Orchard Studios, Crewe and The Batcave, Liverpool. Russell Cottier mixed and mastered the album, working with Gary to exacting standards and paying great attention to detail. In Gary’s mind the brief was always to allow the guitars and vocals to entwine making a rich, warm, sound that would be easy to listen to; an objective most definitely achieved.


It was imperative that the album had the kind of backing vocals that Gary was brought up on (Fleetwood Mac, Motown etc.) Elizabeth Kearney and Kellyann Lea of ‘Grace and Danger’ delivered the goods in virtually one take. Nine, well-crafted songs represent just a small part of Gary’s repertoire. The Cabinet Maker reflects the experiences from his life and the lives of those closest to him.


The Cabinet maker digipak design was crucial to the strong branding of Gary Edward Jones' music. Elizabeth Jones (Elfin Bow) and Tom Woollam designed the original artwork and developed it into the final high quality product. 


The album was self-released as a digital download and hard copy on 31st August 2014 and launched on 15th November to a sold out audience at the iconic St George's Hall, Liverpool. It went on to reach number one on Radio Caroline's Countdown Chart. 




The Cabinet Maker Album

"Gary Edward Jones' debut album, 'The Cabinet Maker', is an absolute gem; from the beautifully crafted songs and superb musicianship from Gary

and his highly-talented friends, to the meticulously engineered and produced tracks, putting many a mega-budget album to shame. The Cabinet Maker reached #1 in the Radio Caroline Countdown of Album Sounds over Christmas 2014, and deservedly so."

                          Graham Coull, Producer, Radio Caroline

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