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Bang Bang Bang Single Launch Date Announced!

Join us to celebrate the single launch and official music video premiere of Bang Bang Bang, Gary's most topical song from The Cabinet Maker.

Responding to lyrics such as 'The clocks they turn but no lessons are learnt,' animator, Matthew Dolan, has created a thought provoking interpretation of the song's theme. Set in an apocalyptic landscape of the future, the action centres around a lonely robot, Rusty, and his struggle to survive in the world we have created.

Gary does not shy away from tackling difficult themes in his songwriting and has the uncanny knack of combining hard hitting lyrics with memorable hooks and beautiful melodies. Bang Bang Bang is no exception. It is a song that resonates with us all in this time of political, social and environmental uncertainty.

The launch will celebrate several other creative collaborations. DJ, Da Moon Project, has created an 80's style remix which will be available as a free download on the night. Da Moon Project will also play a live DJ set. Gary's wife and artistic director, Elizabeth Jones (aka Elfin Bow) will collaborate with costume and set designer, Molly Lacey Davies, to create visuals on the theme of the video and Gary will also preview new songs from his forthcoming album with the band. An exciting range of merchandise will also be on sale.

Gary's desire to be creative and inventive means that he and his team will provide a night like no other. Renowned for putting on events with great attention to detail, this is certainly one which is not to be missed!

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